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2014 Rose Bowl Game
For MSU's bowl history, click here

If the Rose Bowl is "the grand-daddy of them all," then the 2014 Rose Bowl was surely the "grand-daddy of the grand-daddies" for MSU... the 100th Rose Bowl Game. Having been away for 26 years, it was a triumphal return for the Spartans and their fans! Behind on the scoreboard most of the game, MSU finally took the lead in the 4th Quarter. The Cardinal got the ball back one more time with 3:06 left. After four straight running plays failed to gain a first down (fullback Ryan Hewitt was stuffed on 4th-and-1 on Stanford's 34 yard line), the Spartans took over and ran out the clock. On 4th-and-1, Stanford's Hewitt (#85) was hit initially by MSU's Kyler Elsworth (#41).

Click here to watch "the" play of the game. (No athletic contest hinges on a single play, but this one comes close!)

It was the third consecutive bowl game for MSU, a school record.

The final Associated Press college football poll of the season had MSU ranked #3 nationally, behind #1 Florida State and #2 Auburn. Stanford finished the season ranked #11.

PHOTO CREDITS: Our thanks to for the aerial view of the Rose Bowl,
to ABC and ESPN, to the Tournament of Roses, and to many Spartan fans who sent us their group photos.