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Board of Directors

The Club is governed by an elected Board of Directors, each member serving a three-year term. The Board elects its officers late each year, usually in November. Officers include a Vice President/President-Elect, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The President-Elect serves as President the following year.

For information about the date, time and location of Board meetings, please contact us.

2018 Officers
For list of Past Presidents, see bottom of this page
President - Marty Kreinbrink
Vice President - Richard (Dick) Stout
Secretary - Sherill Hacker
Treasurer - Jo Smith
Past President - Lynne Ash
2018 Board Members
Pat Andrews, Robert Cantrell, Doug Crips, Richard Dunham, Norm Harris, Gary Mugnolo, Greg Pell, JoEllyn Roe, Jill Witzenburg
2018 Committees
Chairperson(s) listed first, then committee members
AWARDS - Doug Crips (Hacker, Pell, Stout)
BY LAWS - Dick Stout (Andrews, Crips, Smith)
FINANCE - Jo Smith (Crips, Hacker, Stout)
LUNCHEON/PROGRAM - Gary Mugnolo (all Board members assist wherever necessary at all luncheons and Club activities)
DOOR PRIZES – Doug Crips
SERGEANT AT ARMS – Richard Dunham
STUDENT OF THE WEEK – Gary Mugnolo and JoEllyn Roe
Boutique – Bob Cantrell
MEMBERSHIP - Pat Andrews (Dunham, Hacker, Roe)
NEWSLETTER - Marty Kreinbrink (Cantrell, Dunham)
PUBLICITY – Jill Witzenburg
SPECIAL EVENTS - Greg Pell (Andrews, Harris, Stout, Roe)
U PICK ‘EM - Dick Stout (Dunham, Harris)
WEBSITE - Gary Mugnolo (Crips, Harris)

Documents pertaining to Board members:
  • Conflict of Interest Policy (adopted 8-12-2013)

  • Document Management (Retention) Policy (adopted 8-12-2013)

  • Whistleblower Policy (adopted 8-12-2013)

  • Requirements for Candidates to Serve on Board of Directors (posted 10-21-2017)

  • Statement of Principles for Board Members

    1. Board members must remain focused on the club's mission and their role in carrying out that mission.  The club functions solely to support the football team.  Club members, especially board members, must bear in mind that their function is to serve, not be served.
    2. It is, therefore, incumbent upon all board members to faithfully attend all board meetings as called by the Club President and all meetings of committees to which they may be assigned as called by the committee chairs.  Prior notification of circumstances resulting in unavoidable absences such as illness, vacation, inclement weather, etc. should be given to the President, or committee chairs, respectively.
    3. All board members shall faithfully attend all club luncheons unless previously excused by the President.
    4. All board members should enthusiastically support all projects of the club with their attendance and participation in accordance with their personal convictions and physical abilities.  Excused absences are granted if the activity conflicts in any manner with the members personal standards and beliefs (e.g. Vegas Night fund raiser).
    5. If subsequent to being elected to the board, a member finds it difficult or impossible to adhere to the foregoing principles, they will, keeping the best interests of the club in mind, resign their position, enabling the President to appoint someone willing and able to devote the needed time, energy and resources.
    6. Above all, conscientious board members, as club ambassadors to the public in general and the Michigan State University community in particular, will strive to increase club membership and expand the club's horizons at every opportunity.

Past Presidents of Downtown Coaches Club
2017 Lynne Ash, 2016 Dominic Carbone, 2015 Doug Crips, 2014 Marty Kreinbrink, 2013 Norm Harris, 2012 Pauline Johnson-West, 2011 Norm Harris, 2010 Roxy Eaton, 2009 Jill Witzenburg, 2008 Robert Cantrell, 2007 Richard Dunham, 2006 Hank Wieferich, 2005 Harriett Dean-Kennedy, 2004 Rev John Folkers, 2003 David McCardel, 2002 Ron McNeill, 2001 John Barkham, 2000 Dave Kaiser, 1999 Gary Mugnolo, 1998 Roxy Eaton, 1997 John West, 1996 Rick Audas, 1995 Gary Thomas, 1994 Earl Stevens, 1993 Tom Westgate, 1992 Robert Popp, 1991 John Findley, 1990 Tom Brennan Jr, 1989 Marsha McCoy-Pfister, 1988 Tom Chirgwin, 1987 Dave Marvin, 1986 Gaylord Krebs, 1985 A D Watkins, 1984 Doug Smith, 1983 Duane Vernon, 1982 Richard Letts, 1981 Chuck King, 1980 Carl Bollman, 1979 Wally Dobler, 1978 Jim Miers, 1977 Phil Irion, 1976 Bruce Black, 1975 Rod Causie, 1974 Gene Scott, 1973 Jack Hornbeck, 1972 Roger Boettcher, 1971 Archie Fuller, 1970 Larry Fowler, 1969 Archie Fuller, 1968 Jim Reutter, 1967 O. E. Hartley, 1966 Steve Kras, 1965 Robert Shakleton, 1964 Louis Andrews Jr, 1963 Msgr John Slowey, 1962 Maury Mayer, 1961 George Harris, 1960 James Anderton, 1959 Gil Haley, 1958 Donald Stirm, 1957 George Guerre, 1956 Ted England, 1955 Jack Draper, 1953-54 Clarence Lock, 1952 Ed Hacker, 1951 Walter Graff, 1950 William Porter Jr, 1949 J. J. Rodin, 1947-48 Glenn Sanford, 1946 Joseph Gwinn