Welcome to Downtown Coaches Club! 


We are the Official Booster Club of MSU Spartan Football since 1946


Downtown Coaches Club is a group with a rich history steeped in tradition. From our humble beginnings as a small group of Spartans sharing lunch downtown, we have grown into one of the premier independent college football booster clubs in the country. We owe our success to our members' steadfast support and the mutual support of the Michigan State football program and athletics department. We welcome all supporters of Spartan football to join together as members of the Downtown Coaches Club.

This February Michigan State University announced Mel Tucker as its 25th head football coach. He arrived with a commitment to being "Relentless!" This year has provided too many challenges to count, but challenges create opportunities. Downtown Coaches Club, like Spartan Football, has worked relentlessly throughout the year to adapt to the changing landscape and connect with the football program and its supporters.

Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to cancel in-person luncheons for this season. We will miss seeing all of you and getting to start the weekend of home games with you. Yet we hope to take advantage of this situation by sharing parts of the luncheon experience with Spartans who weren't able to attend our events in the past. This season we are looking forward to online contests, prize giveaways, game previews, and a growing list of other exciting new opportunities for our members. 

Downtown Coaches Club has been around for generations, hosting luncheons for over 70 years. This year we won't get to be together in person, but we look forward to coming together with all of you to celebrate as soon as it is safe for us to do so. Please look out for each other and be safe. 

As Coach Tucker says,  #MaskUp and be #Relentless!

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