Spartan Spirit Award

The Spartan Spirit Award has been presented annually by the Club since 1992 to a member in good standing of the Downtown Coaches Club who through their actions and in the opinion of the Board has/have best displayed true Spartan spirit to promote athletic teams of Michigan State University.

Recipients of the Spartan Spirit Award

1992 Michael "Doc" Bigelow

1993 Jim Adams

1994 Ken Patenge

1995 Gene Scott

1996 Gil Haley

1997 Cameron and Peg Dean

1998 Gaylord Krebs

1999 Ken Sudall

2000 Mike Mannings

2001 Fran Angell and John West

2002 Jim Thompson

2003 Thomas Searl

2004 Roxy Eaton

2005 Lanita Brown

2006 Constantine "Con" Demos

2007 Pat McPharlin

2008 Eldon VanSpybrook

2009 Dominic Carbone

2010 Alda Henderson and Mildred Richardson

2011 Jack Nelson

2012 Duane Bartrem

2013 Marge Hart

2014 Duane Vernon

2015 Janet & Tom Milan

2016 Don & Lynn Barbera

2017 Mary Ann Brandt

2018 Hondo Carpenter

2019 Jill Witzenburg