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*FORMS ARE DUE BY 5 p.m. EST on Fridays**


Every Wednesday of the 9-week Big Ten season we will send an email to all of our registered members with a link to the form to submit their picks. 

Each member is allowed to submit one entry per week. If a member submits multiple entries in a single week, the one with the fewest correct picks will be used.

The form must be submitted by 5 p.m. [East Lansing Time] ​on Fridays in order to count for the weekly and season-long contests and be eligible for prizes. 

If it is Thursday and you haven't received your email for the week's contest (please check your junk folder), then email general@dtncoaches.org to let me know.


1st Place - Official Downtown Coaches Club Blanket

2nd Place - Downtown Coaches Club T-shirt (Available in Men's M or L)

3rd Place - Limited Edition MSU Face Mask


You will see two tiebreakers at the bottom of the form each week. If multiple members pick the same number of games correctly, the tie will be broken first by Tiebreaker #1. Tiebreaker #2 will be used if MSU's game is canceled or rescheduled, or if the tied members guessed the same number of yards.

Tiebreaker #1 - A rotating yardage category in the MSU game for that week


Tiebreaker #2 - The total points scored in one of the other games 

Unbroken ties will be decided by a coin flip.




If a game is canceled or rescheduled to be played for a date later than the Sunday of the current weekend, it will simply be dropped from that week’s contest. A minimum of 10 games must be played for prizes to be awarded, though any entries will still count towards season-long totals. Weekly results will be announced each Wednesday for the previous weekend’s contest. If a canceled/rescheduled game was used as one of the tiebreakers, the other tiebreaker will still be used before resorting to a coinflip. The canceled/rescheduled tiebreaker will be credited as a perfect guess for anyone who participates that week.




GRAND PRIZE will be awarded to the individual with the most correct picks for the season

$25 gift card will be awarded for each of the following:

Tiebreaker #1 - Fewest total* yards between guesses & actual

Tiebreaker #2 - Fewest total* points between guesses & actual

*Total includes 5 best weekly results

Stay tuned for details about a possible Post-Season Bowl Contest

Any updates will be noted on this page and included in the Wednesday email.

Good luck, have fun, and Go Green!

Disclaimer: We know there might be issues throughout the season. Please let us know if there is a problem and we will do our best to try and resolve it. Our club is a non-profit and this is a fun contest, so we will not assume liability that might result from providing this opportunity.